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Ironic to percolate this topic one day before National Coffee Day!

T'is no wonder that fantasies about coffee, and luxurious wine, skyrocketed, despite the caffeine-high or wine-low.

Coffee means lounging -- and usually not in your Sunday-best. Coffee means it's okay to feign groggy, messy, unkempt, unshaven, and maybe bordering on unaware. Coffee means 'I should be alright with viewing you also unkempt, unshaven and borderline unaware!'

Does Coffee ironically relax everything, aside from your soaring pulse & heartbeat?

Some swear awakening with a Joe-jolt, but do appearances improve after that first cup? Patronizing your coffeehouse in slippers, proverbial curlers & schemata? An affluent community bakery populates daily with senior dudes -- unshaven & unshowered. That's a different topic, but coffee is the unifier.

So you're unfoxy when the high kicks in. Do ya' abruptly shudder, "Yeesh...I'd better dash before someone sees me"..?

Unlike wine, coffee isn't exclusively for the affluent -- although, rich is relative. Jamaicans may spend their lifetimes harvesting a World's most-prized bean -- Jamaican Blue Mountain; yet, many have never tasted because it's expensive. Can you imagine harvesting that treasured bean all your life and never knowing its taste? If this is still true, shouldn't we export a can o' Folger's (purveying coffee since 1850) to every Jamaican bean harvester with a consoling note: "The best part of wakin' up is Folger's in your cup! Enjoy!"

Oblong brown beans.


Dripping, drop by drop.

Anticipation, by drop.



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