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Witness Once A Day..

After asking God how to serve one morning, a neighborhood gardener named Angel was in my path for the first and, to date, only time. In brief, he seemed hopeless and sad enduring a divorce, after 20 years of marriage and his wife's betrayal with the mailman. Angel knew God existed, but didn't know Jesus. The message for Angel was clear and fairly instantaneous, so I asked to pray over him. He seemed humbled, reluctant and shy about taking my hands and bowing his head, as he looked upon his workers, but allowed me nonetheless. I prayed that his eyes be opened -- to receive all that God had for him in the Bible he never read & in his future. That his eyes be opened to wisdom and to see better than before. After praying, he smiled and said "Yvette, I will never be the same. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and praying for me. You have a special way about you. Do you know that?" I said "Yes, that's Jesus alive in me. He gets all the credit."

With that, I promised to return with something that he would later find on his driver's seat, dashed home, penned a special note in my last copy of "The Message" Bible and placed it in his truck.

That moment was enriching, encouraging and an instant answer to prayer just outside my door.

Countless need Hope.

Countless need Faith.

Countless need Love. Mostly Love.

Courageously & boldly sharing anything about Jesus spontaneously is a gift to offer.

After all, the Joy is in the giving.

My hope is that Angel see our interaction as a gift as well.


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