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Our Daily Bread

Do you get concerned that your life will please God, or impact others on a larger scale? What is it you want to get done? Are you having a tough time moving special ideas, goals, or dreams forward?

If so, you're not alone for a myriad of reasons.

"Taming The To-Do List" might uncover your reasons for procrastinating.

Jesus proclaimed, "Give us this day our daily bread."


If the King of Kings advised daily sufficiency, shouldn't our focus be the same?

A lifetime of daily seeds planted, in anything, cultivates tremendous growth!

How will you be Christlike to someone needing kindness in your path today?

One in need of your voice, your warmth, your care, hospitality or generosity.

What baby-step will you take today toward your pushed-to-the-back-burner dream?

One itty-bitty easy-does-it step.

Just today.

"Give us this day our daily bread."



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